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is there a painless blood sugar testing meter?

my 14yr old really needs something better than what he has, any one has any ideas’, we have insurance and he has 2 meters ultra mini’s , accucheck but, he doesn’t want to test, because it’s painful.
free would be nice

Define painless . . . .

testing blood sugar REQUIRES piecing the skin to obtain a drop of blood. there is no other way. At least by my definition, this always has the potential to be “painful”.

However, the small amount of pain caused by the finger prick is MUCH less than the HUGE amount of pain that will be caused by uncontrolled diabetes. Diabetes, if left to run its course, is EXTREMELY painful. That little bit of pain in the finger prick is more than offset by the lack of pain that comes from tight blood sugar control.

There are SOME meter that allow the pricks to be taken on the forearms or calves. This requires a special meter capable of making those tests. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist about this.

But note that the test strips for the new “multi-site” devices are usually more expensive than the other strips — sometimes by a factor of 3! ($0.50 for “normal ) to $1.50 for “multi-site” — EACH) so you will have to coordinate with your insurance for cost coverage.

Frankly;y, you need to stress the benefits of proper diabetic care compared to the pain (and eventual death) that occurs without proper care, and stress the fact that as we grow into adults we ALL have to do things that we don’t like or find painful, and we do them because they are the right thing to do. In THIS case we live with a little pain because the test saves out lives!

OneTouch UltraMini Blood Glucose Monitoring System – Instructions for Use (Part 1 of 2)

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