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In the last article i explained the three primary markers we use to track blood sugar: fasting blood glucose (fbg), oral glucose tolerance test (ogtt) and hemoglobin a1c (a1c). we also looked at what the medical establishment considers as normal for these markers. the table below summarizes those values. in this article, we’re going to look at just how “normal” those normal levels are.

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Long-term blood sugar levels. the hemoglobin a1c, also known as hba1c or a1c, test measures the diabetic’s blood sugar levels over the previous two to three-month period:. a1c is recorded as a percentage. a non-diabetic’s a1c test is typically less than 5.7 percent..

Since the beginning of time, when cave people discovered the joys of combining cheese, sauce, and crust, people with diabetes have been perplexed on how to manage blood sugar levels when eating pizza. things became even more complicated during the "toppings revolution" of the renaissance, when folks.

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