My Sugar Level This Morning Was 56 Is That Dangerous

They go into gardens and eat fruit from trees. they even go into houses and take food from cupboards and fridges! baboons are strong animals and they can scare people. but the city can be dangerous for baboons too. sometimes, cars and buses kill baboons in accidents. human food is very bad for the baboons’ teeth because it has a lot of sugar..

He’s the center of harmony (hence the name). at about 5 years and 80 lbs, he’s a scary looking dude, but rather shy towards humans he doesn’t know, as well as strange and curious dogs. sometimes, he just hangs out with me, laying his head in my lap. scary looking? absolutely. dangerous? no. he doesn’t even bark at anyone. reply.

24 hr holter revealed pvcs 23% of the time. then i started taking metoprolol 50mg/day and a month later a 24 hr holter reveals pvcs 38% of the time. my ep has taken me off the meds and we’ll recheck holter in 2 weeks. my blood labs show that everything is within normal ranges. my potasisum is 4.2 mmol/l and magnesium is 2.0mg/dl..