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Type 1 diabetes, formerly known as juvenile diabetes, is a chronic autoimmune condition that occurs when the body makes little to no insulin. the result is uncontrolled blood glucose (sugar) levels. type 1 diabetes is treated with insulin. ketones in the blood can cause diabetic ketoacidosis (dka)..

Diabetic medicine focuses on disseminating research on all aspects of diabetes to improve the management of people with the disease. this hybrid open-access journal is an official title of diabetes uk, which over that the last decade has invested £67+ million in diabetes research. diabetic medicine provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge between clinicians and researchers.

Your blood glucose is more than 240 mg/dl persistently, especially if you have symptoms of dka. most diabetics have glucose >240mg/dl frequently. (continue to check for blood ketones every 4-6 hours). you are feeling ill. (continue to check for blood ketones every 4-6 hours.) you have signs of dehydration. your blood sugar increased too much.

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