elevated rbc hct hgb in children

Acute dehydration can be confirmed if you also see high normal or increased hemoglobin (hgb), hemotcrit (hct), red blood cell count (rbc), sodium and potassium levels. chronic dehydration will show all of the above plus you may see elevated blood proteins like albumin raised slightly along with bun. digestive dysfunction and dysbiosis. this is.

Complete blood counts conducted pre- and post-treatment revealed a statistically significant (p <0.005) reduction in red cell variables (hct, hgb, and rbc), but the mean values remained within the normal range. additionally, approximately 10% of the dogs had elevated bun values (≥ 40 mg/dl) in the absence of concurrent creatinine elevations..

Hemoglobin, a protein in the red blood cells that transports oxygen throughout the body and takes carbon dioxide back to your lungs, is the reason why red blood cells appear red, although oxygen-rich blood is noticeably brighter than the depleted blood returning to the heart and lungs.fresh hemoglobin is produced in the bone marrow as needed. the term hemoglobin combines the greek word "heme.

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