Ascensia Contour | Clearing Memory

Ascensia ContourLearn about clearing the memory…
clearning memory on an contour blood glucose meter?????

I have a new ascensia contour blood glucose meter. Can anyone tell me how to clear the memory on this thing????
I’ve looked in the book, on the website etc… and can’t figure it out. My dr’s office does NOT have the thing to clear this meter because its too new.
Is there a way to clear it?
The buttons on the meter are:
on the left there is an up arrow and a down arrow.
on the right there is a M button.
thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

ps, I Took the batteries out thinking this would clear it, but it didn’t. :( I left them out overnight. lol
Answerer Shiv d, thanks for NOTHING. don’t give input that is CLEARLY advertising!!

I am not sure how to clear it but when I wanted to clear my Precision machine I had to call customer service at the company. Their number should be listed in the book. Hope this helps.

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